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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  December 2, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EST

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members had to capitol hill to se
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as your commander in chief, i owe you a mission that is clearly defined and worthy of your service. >> the president's plan is on the table, but is drawn mixed reaction. we will have a live report. >> police are investigating an
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overnight homicide. >> we have new details on those so-called party crashers. e-mail messages could show how they got into the white house. "good morning washington" continues right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning, washington. 6:00 on this wednesday. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. good morning, great to have you joining us. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's start with brian van de graaff. more big changes starting today. >> it starts later on today. we're pretty brisk this morning, in the 30's. we will have some sunshine. those clouds will start to roll in. we will see showers this afternoon. pack an umbrella. it makes good sense. temperatures range in the 30's.
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35 in triangle. increasing clouds up today. showers, have been through this evening. tomorrow looks gorgeous. lisa baden, it is 6:00. >> two wrecks on eastbound 66. the first one is near nutley street in the second lane from the right. the next is before the exit to the beltway. that moves on to the shoulder right away. two things coming out of fair oaks to get into vienna. 95 virginia slowing at the occoquan. a crash before the fairfax county parkway is gone. this is 270 with the normal volume out of frederick. >> thank you. 6:00 to is your time. a defining moment for the commander in chief. -- 6:00 to is your time.
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-- 6:02. viviana hurtado is live in northwest with more on the plan what may be next. good morning. >> president obama has called the war in afghanistan a war of necessity. he has played out a plan he believes will win. the president outlined a new strategy for winning thear in afghanistan and eventually withdrawing troops. the first 30,000 troops will be deployed. >> the troops will allow the handing over of responsibility to f down forces and allow us at the transport of our forces out of afghanistan in 2011. >> he made clear pakistan will have to crack down on extremist safe havens. the u.s. needs to bypass the
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hamid karzai administration. >> the days of providing a blank check are over. >> the total of troops will be abut 100,000, with the first wave on the ground by as early as christmas. a west point graduate supports the president. >> the new troops will be a plus, in nice increase in manpower. hopefully everyone gets to come home. >> one soldier said he is skeptical. >> i am not understanding that too well. they will go over and get it done. >> robert gates and hillary inton had to capitol hill later this morning to try to get -- head to capitol hill
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later this morning. viviana hurtado, abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. the public is having a hard time buying the president's plan. a poll taken before last night's speech show only 35% approved of the president's handling of the war. e-mail messages between the so-called white house party crashers and a pentagon official could prove they were not invited to the state dinner. pamela brown is live. tell us, what is in those e-mail messages? >> the salahis admit they showed up at t white house just to check and see if their names or on the list since they did not know if they had an invitation. they say a dead cell phone prevented them from listening to a message. she could not get the virginia
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couple an invitation. the expectation in the e-mail exchanges said in invite did not seem likely. in a recent interview, tareq and michaele salahi said they have done nothing wrong. they said e-mail exchanges would clear up all of the confusion. but these females do not help their case. they will testify on thursday. the story continues to unravel. back to you. >> absolute. we will hear much more. thank you. a developing story in prince george's county. a man was found dead of a gunshot wound at temple hills. we will bring you more details as soon as we get them. two people were shot in an attempted carjacking. four armed suspects attempted
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to carjack a 45-year-old man. one of the suspects were shot. the suspect later shot. the driver is expected to survive. gay marriage could be legal in d.c. as early as next month. a bill was voted 11-2. a final vote is expected later this month. gay marriages would begin in the city as soon as it passes a review. congress is not expected to alter the bill. independent inspectors are scheduled to perform checks on metro today. that is what the chairman says. recently, ever since spring, metro would not allow the monitors to walk along the tracks. there were denied access. two metro workers were killed in
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separate instances on the tracks. 44 degrees in rosslyn. >> it is back to the beginning for general motors. they are on the icon for a new ceo. >> christmas will come to loudoun county courthouse after all. >> it is dry outside now, but it will be a different picture later today. will be a different picture later today. by putting an end to paper medical records, we have ushered health into the digital age. saving lives, sometimes when seconds count. managing chronic conditions. making amazing new discoveries. and, oh yes, saving a lot of trees. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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clouds are on the increase
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right now from the south. limited morning sunshine around sunrise. currently, we are at 45 degrees. that is a mild exception. we are mainly in the 30's. 30 in frederick. martinsburg, 30 degrees. the leading edge of the showers are pushing into southern virginia. moderate and heavy rain at times later on today. i think the rain will hold off until lunchtime. they're after, the showers. over an inch of rain anticipated. near 60 degrees. comparable tomorrow. near 60 tomorrow. cooling this weekend. maybe a winter next by late saturday. let's go back to lisa baden. she has traffic. >> 3 racks on eastbound 66.
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one before, one after nutley street and one at the beltway. -- three rackwrecks on eastboun. live inthe camera, traffic heading away from us in this picture is 270 leaving clarksburg, heading to the lane to buy. relatively good pace. we go back to the news desk. >> thank you. a nativity scene will be going up outside the courthouse in leesburg. the reversed a ban on christmas and hanukkah decorations. they banned those decorations sank request for holiday displays had become unmanageable. the ban sparked protests by outraged residents. 6:12, up 44 degrees. >> tiger woods on walks away with a slap on the wrist.
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. in our top stories, president obama is ordering another 30,000 troops to afghanistan and palin to bring them home after 18 months. he laid out his plans in a speech to the nation last night. he wants to train afghanistan's own forces. >> the so-called white house party crashers knew the did not
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have a confirmed invitation to the state dinner last week. they went anyway, hoping to get in. tareq and michaele salahi claimed a dead cell phone battery prevented them from hearing a voicemail saying they did not make the guest list. >> senators could cast their first votes today on health care. democrats are trying to hold together the 60 votes needed. 6:14. tiger woods when not face criminal charges in connection with friday's auto accident outside his home. he was fined $164 for careless driving. >> he has satisfied the requirements of florida law by providing his driver's license, registration, and approval of insurance to us. with the issuance of the citation, the florida highway prol has completed its investigation into this matter.
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>> carter what is fcing other problems this morning. "us weekly"report a cocktail waitress had a 31-month affair- wodds. says she has hundreds of text messages to support her claim. -- a 31-month affair with woods. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's begin with lisa baden. >> we have been three crashes on 66. go figure. delays are expected out of fair oaks. this is the dulles greenway traffic over 28 and on to the toll road. no problems reported through reston. this is the george washington parkway, north of the airport. beautiful trip. you see the wilson bridge in the background. i love this camera shot.
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no problems to report in alexandria. this is 95. headlights are northbound out of newington up onto the beltway. southbound 270 at father hurley boulevard is moving relatively well. we will move on over to the weather center. >> we're keeping an eye on the storm scan. we have showers down to our south. we will see some sunshine early this morning. it will be partly rainy around lunchtime. maybe a rumble of thunder tonight. a couple 40's downtown. 40 in rockville. hagerstown, 31. a tap warmer than we board yesterday. a system will be moving through. -- a tad warmer than we saw yesterday.
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as the day wears on, and more showers will work the way through. by tomorrow morning, they should be moving out of here. a pretty good-looking at thursday. rain will start to wrap up. mild air tomorrow, 60. cooler on friday. saturday, there could be a chance for some light snow. >> ok, thank you for the warning. more drop in detroit. general motors is looking for another c.e.o.. vinita nair tells us why. >> a shake-up at general motors. they have launched a search for a new chief executive. fritz henderson resigned. after eight months in charge. the board was upset he d not change the company as fast
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enough. henderson was said to be frustrated with second-guessing. ed whitacre is taking over until a replacement is found. there were strong october sales. automakers sales were down 2% last month. they have their first gain in over two in october. ford had a tiny gain. chrysler continues to go in reverse. aig has cut the amount of money it owes the government. the company is paying back part of its bailout and it plans to spin off other divisions. they received $180 billion in tax-payer aid. the big winner on black friday was electronics. sales shot up 8% as consumers went to buy tvs and blu-ray machines. sales at specialty stores were
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flat. best buy is offering 99 cent standard shipping on most products sold on the website, as long as they do not require a schedul delivery. orders will be delivered by christmas. walmart is continuing its price wars this holiday season, this time focusing on video games. they're cutting prices up to 20% on top games through december 24. their offer and gift card with the purchase of a nintendo wii. and that is your "money scope" report. i am vina nair. 20 minutes after the hour, at 44 degrees outside. >> reporting from the montgomery county council. however plans to close its growing budget gap. >> i will tell you when charlie gibson will be leaving "world
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news, " and might be sooner than you think. >> later on "oprah," it is girl talk about good hair comedian chris rock.
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>> we are the cheerleaders. let's go, jackets. good morning, washington! >> rhode island. let's go, the d.c.!
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charl gibson is going, going gagne. >> philip stewart is up the live disc with more. >> good morning. we want to start with a unique visual look at present obama's speech from last night. this is a word cloud and the larger, the more frequently it was used by the president. "afghanistan" is the most prominent word. you see some of the other words mentioned -- security, allies, and clear. it is an interesting way of breaking down with the president said last night. an official from abc news, the final broadcast for trocharlie gibson will be in two weeks.
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diane sawyer will replace charlie gibson. she is expected to leave "good morning america" one week from this friday. some caller the anti-qaedkatie couric strategy. the makers of a beer or releasing the highest calorie count beer. it is 27% alcohol by volume and $150 per bottle. the limited release comes as more brewers boost potency and enhance taste. a news company had a nice idea, putting up live news tweets on a billboard. it features three of the anchors. the headline in vault three
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people accused of rape and it ran opposite the trio of the pleasant and smiled broadcasters. the implication is that they were guilty. this is making rounds. >> any publicity is good publicity. >> people are talking about their news team. >> free publicity. >> there you go. >> way to go. >> it is the downside of all of this technology. >> if the was a picture of a random person. you can get into trouble. >> thank you very much. 6:26. >> a guilty verdict for baltimore's mayor. she is not leaving office just yet. >> dwight howard party crasher story continues to unravel. -- the white house party crashers storky continues to
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unravel. >> we are tracking some rain. ♪
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( children giggling ) sometimes, if you wish hard enough, you get exactly what you want for christmas. welcome to christmas town -- a busch gardens celebration. tickets available now at
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. and welcome back to "good morning washington." in just about 6:00 -- just about 6:30 on this wednesday morning. >> we have something for everybody this week. >> this morning it is mild. we have some rain, possibly some heavy rain. friday it will be cool. >> maybe some snow. >> a slight chance. >> three seasons in four days. >> 42 right now in oxon hill. 33 in martinsburg.
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low 50's with increasing clouds. showers developing by lunchtime. tomorrow, a warm day. colder weather is on the horizon. >> it is never okay when we have snow. what are you talking about? i am talking about 66 eastbound with three separate tracks. three are eastbound heading between nutley street and the beltway. -- i am talking about 66 eastbound with talking aboutwrecks. -- i am talking about 66 eastbound with three separate wrecks. we are ok out oxon hill. to 95 is open through southeast d.c. -- 295 open throughout southeast d.c. in a televised speech,
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president obama said he is sending another at 30,000 u.s. troops to afghanistan. the first will be there by christmas. all will arrive by next summer. he pledged to start withdrawing troops by july of 2011. congress must uproot the cost of this all, some $30 billion. >> this is a lot of forces. with enough forces, we can make progress. nobody is talking about the tree. they will contain the terrorist forces. >> critics are against setting a time line for we have new details into the investigation of the white house party crashers. e-mails seem to show the couple was definitely not invited to last week's state dinner. pamela brown is live this
6:34 am
morning with more. tell us about those messages. >> the dialog was between the salahis and a senior pentagon staffer. e-mail exchanges would clear up the confusion, but these e- mails do not help their case. >> mr. and mrs. salahi. >> after four days a pressing officials for a ticket, the virginia couple admits that date showed up at the white house gate without an invitation. the couple says, "we ended up going to the gate to just check in in case it got approved. the secret service said tareq and michaele salahi were not on the list and is now launching an investigation. the salahis claimed in the same e-mail that a dead cell phone prevented them from listening to a message. she cannot get them an
6:35 am
invitation. the salahis have maintained they did nothing wrong. >> we were invited, not crashers. anyone who would have the audacity or the poor behavior to do that. >> the pentagon official said the expectation from the beginning, letting them know and invite did not seem likely. the salahis did not like no for an answer. there were exported out of the black caucus annual dinner after the could not produced a ticket. congress is trying to get to the bottom of this. there'll be testimony on thursday. the salahis have also been invited to testify. it is not clear if they will be there. >> thank you. we are still falling developing details of a deadly shooting in temple hills. police were reporting to gunshots before midnight on southern avenue when they found
6:36 am
a man dead on the scene. a carjacking deterrent deadly on fourth street. four armed suspects attempted to carjack a 45-year-old man. the victim and one of the suspects was shot. the victim is expected to survive. let dixon is expected to fight a misdemeanor conviction that could remove her from office. she was acquitted on three counts. a suspension would not begin until she is sentenced. she would not be permanently removedrom office until she has exhausted all of her appeals. resident of spring valley now know how many munitions have been on earth. this was an experiment station during world war i. army corps of engineers released
6:37 am
a listf all those recovered munitions. between 1993 and 2001, at least 865 intact munitions were unearth. least 80 were chemical in nature. big budget cuts are coming to montgomery county. nancy flore says everything is on the table. the county is facing a more than $600 million budget shortfall, much more than expected. options include furloughs. even that may not be enough >> as long as we have our jobs and benefits. we need to do what we need to do. >> it is hard to cut education. >> i wish to was a magic bullet. >> officials are blaming the drop in tax revenue. there will be five public
6:38 am
hearings on budget crisis. an insider-trading probe is being expanded. linda bell has more. >> we have more talk about insider trading. the sec has set at least 30 subpoenas. this is part of a broadening investigation into potential insider trading violations that include goldman sachs. the sec is looking at to roll that the bankers played in about 12 health care mergers. there was a failed attempt to buy restoration hardware. a well used to be one of the biggest companies. -- a zero l used to be one of the biggest companies. -- aol used to be one of the biggest companies. now they cannot get into the
6:39 am
s&p. they used to be based in dallas before the time warner merger. look at stock index futures, indicating a slightly lower opening on wall street. that is your business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, i am linda bell. doug and alison, back to you. >> thank you. 6:37. >> millions of holiday shoppers logging online looking for savings. there is a hidden danger lurking in cyberspace. >> cannot after a long dispute, independent track inspectors will go over the tracks today. that story just ahead. >> we will check another check of the skies and streets. in join in a little bit of sunlight.
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welcome back, everybody. 6:40 is your time on this early wednesday morning. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> adam caskey is enjoying the clear skies until the rain moves in. >> we have high, thin clouds overhead. we will have limited morning sunshine. it's kind of deceiving. it will be different, even by lunchtime. the rain will be coming down. especially around bedtime. it will be moderate and heavy at
6:43 am
times. 44 degrees at the storm chaser here at cathedral heights. 40 suit in manassas. on our way to below 50's. -- 40's in manassas. continuing to march our way, rain moving in south to north, especially this afternoon and evening today. over an inch of rain is anticipated. sunny and breezy, near 60 to mark. much cooler by the weekend. we could be talking a light wintry mix late saturday night and into sunday morning. it is december, after all. >> that is a good point. you cannot allow yourself extra time or avoid 66 eastbound. there have been three separate crashes. newschopper 7 is flying over one long string leaving centreville
6:44 am
all the way into vienna. miles and miles and miles of slow traffic on 66 eastbound. wait it out if you can. go to the gym. soak in the top. 66 is not the way to go. springfield is not quite as bad. you can see movement. 270 southbound delays begin at falls road. accident at montrose road is on the shoulder. >> i do not know how people sit through that every day. thank you. if you're shopping for holiday gifts online, be aware. you should researc the company before your hand over any credit card information. did not answer any e-mails fishing for information. do not wait for a statement. you should keep track of all of your purchases. >> you have to be so aware.
6:45 am
>> once you get burned, it takes a long time to clear things up. >> absolutely. 6:43. the super bowl of little league football. >> double checking subway safety. >> double checking subway safety. will have a live report on
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. 6:46. time to che our top stories.
6:48 am
>> the commander in chief is ordering another 30,000 u.s. troops to afghanistan. he is vowing to bring them home after 18 months pre he said the goal is to stop the taliban momentum entering afghanistan's own forces to take over the fight. >> e-mails show e so-called white house party crashers knew they did not have a confirmed invitation to the state dinner last week but they went anyway. tareq and michaele salahi claimed a dead cell phone battery prevented them from hearing a message saying they did not make the list. >> a deadly shooting in prince urges county is under investigation. police found a man lying on the ground with gunshot wounds. he died at the scene. one person is dead after it carjacking attempt in southeast d.c. four armed suspects attempted to
6:49 am
carjack a man. the victim and one of the suspects were shot. metro is double checking tracked safety. independent inspectors will take their first tour of the system. matt brock is live on what to expect. good morning. >> good morning. we have been reporting that metro only had one oversight entity, but checks on safety and they have been in a dispute with metro, not allowed to look at the tracks independently. that dispute ends today. metro is finally responding to its critics who say it appears to have something to hide. >> i think they are covering themselves. >> i think they should be transparent. they should let these inspectors watched the rails. >> four years ago, a metro train
6:50 am
hit and killed this woman's husband. she was among the many who said metro shelepin inspectors look at safety procedures for crews working along the tracks. metro has denied access to the inspectors. metro workers were killed on the job since. >> metro has poor management. >> after a crush of criticism, the policy changes. teams of inspectors will be on the tracks. >> ok, we did not do it before. now we can. >> three different groups will be looking at the track today. each will have a member of the oversight committee along with them. there may be a second day of inspections in the near future. the scrutiny for metro is not
6:51 am
over. the house and senate are planning hearings on safety for metro. matt brock, abc 7 news. >> thank you. does about 10 minutes before the hour. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. we had nice sunshine yesterday. that is not going to last. >> you were talking about rain. if you want to work on the yard, it is a mucky mess. it rains to much. people cannot wash their cars. >> and you put up christmas lights. >> i did. it will be raining this afternoon. maybe i need to tie that down. let's look outside. the sun is coming up. we do have a fair amount of cloud cover. most of the sunshine will be
6:52 am
early. then the clouds will rowland. there is a system down to the south that is packing a punch. -- then the clouds will roll in. the system will bring with this copious amounts of rain for the metro area. mid 30's to near 40. it is a cool start to the day. we are looking for energy to slide in and bring off and on showers. tomorrow, we clear out. it will be sunny and much milder. sunshine through the evening. the reign will end late tonight. it will be mild. tomorrow, breezy with lots of sunshine. near 60. maybe some sn on saturday. more in just a few. lisa baden. >> i have bad news.
6:53 am
eastbound 66. we have delays. accident before you get to the beltway has been moved onto the shoulder. look, this is live. centreville all the way to the beltway. i'm hearing from newschopper 7 per he said 50 is the best bet. that seems to be doing ok. we take you live to springfield. normal pack up out of dale city. 395 in a delay heading onto the landmark side. this is 270.
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this is a great story. a d.c. team will be competing in the pop warner football championships, but the super bowl for a 11-and 12-year-old. watkins recreation center beat a silver spring team last weekend and they earned a right to compete in the championship round. the watkins hornets will now head to florida for this weekend's big game. >> one of our slogans is --
6:57 am
florida, here we come. >> some kids have 3.0 and 3.8's on this particular team. >> the championship game will be played at disney world in orlando. >> those kids have to be so excited. >> good luck. >> let's check in with lisa baden for the latest on the traffic. >> did you hear, there is an accident before the beltway now on the shoulder. the damage is done. 66, delays from 7100 all the way to the beltway. >> rain is on the way. we will see a few peaks of sunshine. then clouds will roll in. it could be heavy. even a rumble of thunder. it's more, warmer, up 60. by saturday, we may not get out
6:58 am
of the upper 30's. a system is writing up the coast. we could see some light snow or late winter makes. for the rest of the weekend, sunshine, but only in the mid 40's. we could have our first extended cold snap. >> ok. we will see. >> thank you for watching. >> we will see you back here in the morning at 5:00 a.m. a great day. the morning at 5:00 a.m. a great day.
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